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Welcome to the AG Baumann!

AG Baumann - with several guests.

Our group at the University of Cologne specializes in Structural Biology, with a keen research interest in the structural analysis of extracellular matrix components, their biogenesis, and the study of proteolytic enzymes along with their inhibitors. Employing an extensive array of techniques that span biochemical, biophysical, and structural biology disciplines, we engage in recombinant protein expression and purification, conduct studies on biochemical and biophysical interactions through various methodologies, and utilize X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), and cell-based functional assays to advance our understanding.

We host the Cologne Crystallization Facility (https://c2f.uni-koeln.de) and manage the Protein Interaction Platform Cologne (https://pipc.uni-koeln.de), both of which serve the research community in and around Cologne. We routinely use the StrubiTEM facility (https://strubitem.uni-koeln.de) and regularly organize trips to synchrotron beamlines for measuring protein crystal diffraction.

Please find out more about our research and our people!

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